Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Winter Wonderland Day Camp at The Hub - Jan 2-5

Kindergarten through eighth grade can come and play at the HUB during winter break!
January 2nd through the 5th from 7:30am to 5:30pm for $25 per day.
Two snacks provided, bring your own lunch.
Contact Paulette by phone 209-223-2300 or e-mail for more information.

Christmas Eve Dinner at Mace Meadows - Sun Dec 24

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Roaring Camp Mining Company!

Roaring Camp Friends,

My family and I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

We are very fortunate to have all of you as our Roaring Camp Family and truly loyal customers. As we say, without each and every one of you we would have to find a "real" job!!  We had a really good season in 2017, really enjoyed having all of you in camp, lots of hard work from all of you!  My Family and I realize that you can spend your vacation anywhere and the fact that you choose to spend it with us is truly amazing.  

We have all had a little vacation and are now working on a few things in camp for next season, the guys did a little mining on October, but after breaking the new pin Keith just replaced in the excavator and going through lots of diesel we were going to have to either really open up that hole in the meadow for ourselves or spend the time and money on Caesars for all of you.  Needless to say you all come first, so they filled in the hole and are spending the next month, weather permitting, working on more mining area for all of you at Caesars.  

We are also going to add possibly 3 more cabins up by Lucks, I don't think any of them will be ready for 2018, but we are going to build something similar to Lucks, they will have electricity and an indoor sink and toilet, still in the planning stage.  Lucks has become so popular these days but of course it is old and needs some work since the tree fell on it.  We have lots of plans, but time seems to get away from us and come January they start with shows and the next thing we know it is spring again and time to open camp!! 

 Our Common Operations were good again this year, they found lots of gold and had
lots of fun!!  We are moving lots of material off Caesars and some of it will be used for the Commons and our Gold Bearing Gravel Piles.  I am enclosing a flyer with the dates and times for this season.  We do still have some spots open for both Commons, but space is limited so if you are thinking about joining us please do not wait long to book.

This Christmas we are starting our new online store, many of you, especially at the end of our season were looking for some of our items that were sold out.  Here is your chance to purchase them, either go to our website and select the Trading Post icon or 
click on the link to the site, you will also receive the info by email, 
and if you purchase something by December 31st you can use
coupon code  
to save 10%. 

We have a few new items that will go quickly so take a look and act fast. You can also purchase a "Try a Bag" from our "Dirt of the Month Club" and get 10% discount on as many as you would like, they make great Christmas gifts, who doesn't want a bag of gold bearing gravel for Christmas! Click of Trading Post

The guys start their shows in January, here are the dates and locations, please stop by and make sure they are doing a good job.  I have to stay and work in the office so you are all my eyes and ears! You know they look forward to seeing all of you. 

We will be giving away trips and prizes to those who attend and visit our booth.
  • ISE Sportsman's  Expo at Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA.  on January 18-21.  Booth 2108 Building C
  • GPAA Gold & Treasure Show in Tucson, AZ. at the Tucson Expo Center, on February 17 & 18.
  • GPAA Gold & Treasure Show in Pomona CA. at Pomona Fairplex, on February 24 & 25.
  • Fred Hall Shows Inc., in Long Beach CA. at the Long Beach Convention Center on March 7 - 11
  • Central Valley Prospectors Gold Show in Fresno Ca. at Big Fair Fresno on March 24 & 25.
  • Mariposa Gem & Mineral Show, Mariposa CA. at the California State Mining & Mineral Museum on April 7 & 8
  • GPAA Gold & Treasure Show in Las Vegas, NV.  at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa on April 21 & 22.
 We really loved seeing all of the pictures you are posting on FaceBook and sending by e-mail, please continue to do so, we will be putting many of them onto our website, nothing like pictures of all of you enjoying your vacation at your favorite vacation spot!!  We will also continue with contests for our "Dirt of the Month" bags.

 For those of you who did not rebook for 2018, I hope you will do so soon, the guys start shows in a few weeks and I don't want you to miss out on the date or cabin you want.

 Please visit our online store and let us know what you think, I will keep you updated on any news about the new cabins. We really look forward to seeing you all again in 2018!! 

Happy Holidays,

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