Monday, May 22, 2017

Local reptile expert answers questions about rattlesnakes

Jason White of Ione is the founder of the Daily Reptile News,, on Facebook at: He took a few moments to answer some questions for ACN regarding rattlesnakes.

Carol Harper/ACN: Where do rattlesnakes usually live? What types of places should I avoid?

Jason: Rattlesnakes are abundant in pretty much any habitat you come across. They are most active in the morning and evening, and are known to become nocturnal during the hottest part of the year, as are the rest of the snakes in our area.
  I would not particularly caution anyone to avoid any one type of habitat, but rather stay observant. Always look before you step or place your hands...or any part of your body, for that matter.

Carol Harper/ACN: If I see a rattlesnake, coiled up with tail shaking, what should I do?

Jason: The best thing to do if you see one is to move away and leave it alone. They want nothing to do with us. Their venom is for procuring meals, not dealing with us. They are far more afraid of us than we are of them, but don't let them fool you, they can and will bite if provoked. 99% of all venomous snakebites worldwide occur because the snake was not left alone.
If there is a snake that simply cannot be left alone (i.e. a schoolyard), it is best to call someone trained to deal with them. The local [animal] shelter and/or the Department of Fish and Game should have contacts that are authorized and educated in their relocation.

Carol Harper/ACN: If I get bitten, what should I do? Where do I go?

Jason: The best thing to do if you get bitten is to stay calm, call 911 immediately. Rarely are rattlesnake bites fatal anymore, but it does happen. It is VERY important to stay calm. When a person it bitten, the venom travels in the blood. If you get worked up and get your heart pumping faster, the venom will travel faster.
While I have never had to use it, I am told our local hospital is well-equipped to deal with rattlesnake bites. However, if you are bitten, get ready to open your wallet. Crofab®, which is what they use to treat bites, is not cheap. I have seen it bounce between $1200 -$2300 per vial, wholesale, and needing 15-20 vials is not unheard of for a person that is unfortunate enough to be bitten.
  To recap in brief: If you see a snake, leave it alone. Call a professional. If bitten stay calm and call 911 immediately.


Amador County Animal Control
(209) 223-6378

Tri-County Wildlife:
(209) 283-3245

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Free Carriage Rides on Mother’s Day in Sutter Creek - Sun May 14

This Mother’s Day, make memories that will last a lifetime! Come to Sutter Creek for free Horse Drawn Carriage Rides, live music, free gifts, discounts, and more. Amador City will have specials for you, too!

Transport yourselves back into a simpler time, with nothing but the sound of the clip clop of the horses’ hooves on the pavement and the fresh air all around you, as you take a leisurely ride down Main Street Sutter Creek and then around the side streets and back to town. The Visitor Center at 71A Main Street will be the location to catch your free ride through time, from 12pm to 3:30 on Sunday May 14th.

Sutter Creek has lots more in store for your perfect Mother’s Day. The Music Box Company at 64 Main Street will be doing 15% off all gifts for Mom. Sierra Ridge Wine & Culinary at 54 Main Street would like to offer a small token of appreciation to any Mom who comes to visit. Each will receive a packet of their delicious Sutter Creek Spice Rub. Heart & Soul Studio at 42 Main Street will host their 2nd annual Mother's Day Celebration with a Floral Crown Workshop & Photo Booth on Saturday 5/13 at 11:00 AM. Call to reserve your seat (209) 256 9702. The Clothes Mine at 60 Main Street will do a free pair of Coronet earrings with any purchase of women's clothing on Mother's Day, and Finishing Touches Boutique at 30 Main Street is going to have 10% off store wide on Mother's Day.

Baiocchi Wine Tasting at 82 Main Street will have music on the patio by music duo - Anderson / Gram  from 1-4pm and Port and cheese pairing too. Yorba Wines at 51 Hanford St. will have complimentary tastings for mothers as well as introduce their 2016 Rosado paired with a savory treat. Bella Grace at 73 Main Street will have a flight of white wines paired with perfect cheeses for only $5 for all mothers. From now through Mother’s Day, Scott Harvey Wines at 79 Main Street has 15% off single bottles of select wines and 20% off cases of select wines.

Amador City has specials for you too! DejaVu in Amador City is offering 10% off certain clothing items, and $10 off a Detox Foot Bath at the Amador Holistic Center in Amador City. Call 209-256-4370 for details.

We wish a Happy Mothers’ Day to all.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

15th Annual Trash To Treasures in Sutter Creek - Sat May 27

Sutter Creek’s largest Street Fair, the 15th Annual Trash to Treasures event will be held on Saturday May 27th from 8am till 3pm. What they say is true…one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Vendors from all over will be selling everything, new and old, with a host of antiques, collectibles, hand made crafts, and wonderful junk!  Have stuff to sell? It’s not to late to get a booth and sell your treasures! Visit for an application.

There will be so much to see and buy it can fill your whole day. With everything from hand made jewelry, art and crafts, plants, antiques, furniture and more, there is plenty of stuff to buy. The event starts at 8am (no early birds please) and runs until 3pm. The event will be spread over all of Sutter Creek, with the main venues at the Eureka Street parking lot, the Violich parking lot (north end of town) and Randolph Street in the middle of town. But don’t forget to wander down historic Main Street and visit all the wonderful and unique shops there also. Many stores will have marked down merchandise outside for you to find even more bargains.

Top your day off with wine tasting at the family owned tasting rooms on Main Street and then dinner at one of our fine restaurants. With beautiful Sutter Creek as the magical backdrop, your day of treasure hunting will be a day to remember.

For more information visit
Sponsored by the Sutter Creek Business and Professional Association.

Photo by Caroline Somary